2022 Renovation
of Springbrook Golf Course

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Springbrook Golf Course Renovation Blog – August 12, 2022

Excellent weather has allowed construction to stay on schedule as the heavy rains last weekend missed Springbrook Golf Course.  The pond in front of #11 green has been pumped out, and large dozers and excavators are busy removing the steel wall and carving out the new shape of the pond.  A new stone wall will front this green, and with bunkers framing both sides of the green this hole will be one of the signature holes on the golf course.  The overgrowth of trees on the left side along the fence will be pruned and cleaned up, which will allow cars driving south on Book Road to see this picturesque green.

On the other side of the golf course, the rough shaping of features on #2 and #15 green, and tees on #3 and #16 are nearing completion.  Next steps in this area include bringing in the new sand mix for the tees, final detail shaping, and the installation of the bunker liner.  The goal is to be able to seed the

Springbrook Golf Course Renovation Blog – August 6, 2022

Hole #2

Hole #3

Hole #5

In preparation for the shaping of new features, crews this week are roto-tilling greens, bunkers and tees.  This process will turn over the existing turf and soil and pulverize it to create a perfect soil mix for shaping and eventually, seeding.  The included pictures show the areas around #2 and #5 green, along with #3 tee, where the existing bunker and surround has been roto-tilled leaving an excellent soil mix.  Surveyors will be staking the new features this week, followed by bulldozers to start carving out new bunkers, tees and other features.  Watch for new updates soon.

If you have any questions or comments on the renovation work at Springbrook, contact us at springbrookgolfcourse@napervilleparks.org.

Springbrook Golf Course Renovation Blog – July 26, 2022

Welcome to the Springbrook Golf Course Renovation Blog!  We plan to use this communication tool to keep our golfers updated on the progress of the renovations, show some pictures detailing the work to date, and provide some insight into what is happening and why.  It’s an exciting time to see the course we all know and appreciate get an overdue updating, and we want to share with you all the details including the start of construction, establishing the new turf, and plans to reopen next year.

If you are playing this week at Springbrook, you will notice some erosion control being installed around some water features on the course.  The picture included in this blog is the pond on the right side of the #14 green.  Contractors began on Monday morning trenching and installing the sediment control device, or silt fence, as required by our Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP), which limits the discharge of sediment from construction areas into surrounding water.  Crews will be installing the silt fence in several areas on the course this week, including ponds on the back nine, and areas along the creek.

Next week, once the course is closed on August 1, we are expecting the contractor to begin full mobilization for the project.  Work will begin surveying and staking, and select areas will have demolition work starting.  Cranes to install pilings for bridges will also be onsite to begin setting new foundations for bridges.

We have often been asked why the course needs to close to complete the renovation work.  Closing the course is the most practical and cost-efficient way to complete a project of this size and scope in the shortest period of time.  Contractors will need access to several areas and features on the golf course.  If we didn’t close the course during renovations, work would be limited to small sections of individual holes or parts of the course, with partial hole closures each season. This would significantly reduce the amount of work that could be done at one time, resulting in the project running significantly longer to complete, which could have taken several years; this also would have significantly increased the total cost for the entire project.  While closing the course certainly will impact our residents and patrons access to our courses for several months, this was the most efficient and cost-effective way to handle this large-scale project.

If you have any questions or comments on the renovation work at Springbrook, contact us at springbrookgolfcourse@napervilleparks.org.

Sections outlined in green show the planned changes to the course.

Springbrook Golf Course will be undergoing a $3.5 million dollar renovation beginning in the late summer of 2022.  This project, which has been in planning since 2018, will see updates and renovations to several features on the nearly 50-year-old golf course.  Greg Martin, of Greg Martin Design, was the golf course architect chosen to complete the renovation design, and Wadsworth Golf Construction will be the contractor responsible for completing the renovation work.

Key features of the renovation:

  • Complete rebuild of all tees, adding additional space that will provide a smooth, level surface with superior drainage.  Tees will be seeded with bentgrass to provide a high quality turf surface.
  • Complete rebuild of all bunkers, adjusting size and placement to improve course playability and strategy.  All new bunkers will be constructed using the Better Billy Bunker system, which will provide superior drainage, reduce wash outs, and help maintain clean bunker sand.
  • New collection areas and mounding added to green surrounds, adding risk/reward for approach shots.
  • The #11 greenside and #15 greenside ponds will be reconstructed, changing the size and shape of the ponds.
  • The steel wall on #11 green and #12 tee will be removed, replaced with a Eden stacked stone wall.
  • New bridges will be added on #9 and #10 holes.  The steel bridge and concrete bridge on #9 will be removed, with a new span added on the west side of the fairway for cart traffic. A walking only bridge will replace the current steel span, removing the bridge and path from the line of play.  #10 will have a new bridge on the east side of the fairway, moving cart traffic away from the landing area.  The existing bridge on #10 will be walking only.
  • Additional new drainage will be installed, linking into the main lines installed this past fall.


Summer, 2022
Mobilization of contractors, engineering and surveying, begin construction on select areas of the golf course.

August 1, 2022
Golf course closes.  Work begins on the 18 hole golf course.  All Springbrook practice areas remain open.

November, 2022
Construction/renovation work complete, weather depending.

Spring, 2023
New turf areas mature, mowing begins

Late Spring, Early Summer 2023
Springbrook Golf Course re-opens.


Questions regarding this project can be emailed to springbrookgolfcourse@napervilleparks.org