Brooks Four-Ball Match Play at Springbrook & Naperbrook

Date: April 29 – August 25, 2024
Course: Springbrook Golf Course & Naperbrook Golf Course
Start Time: Play pool matches can be played at any time April 29 – July 28.
Cost: $50 per team

Registration for this tournament will only be taken in person or over the phone through Springbrook’s golf shop.  Call Springbrook’s golf shop at 630-848-5060 Ext. 1 to register. 

Format and handicap effective date:
Two person teams will compete in Four-Ball Match Play.  Pool play matches will be nine holes.  The lowest net score of the team will be used as the team score for each hole.  Each match has nine points available plus one additional point for the winning team.  Handicaps will be used for all matches and formats.  Handicap indexes of the date of play must be used for all pool play matches.  For all post pool play matches, handicap indexes from the day prior to the match will be used.  The professional staff reserves the right to make handicap adjustments.  Handicap effective date to determine flights: April 22, 2024.  Trophies will be awarded to the winning team.

Players must be at least 18 years old as of April 22, 2024.  Only official USGA certified handicaps are acceptable.  At least one team members must have their handicap established through the CDGA and have Springbrook or Naperbrook as their home course.

Entry Information:
Entries are divided into four flights based on the team’s total combined handicap indexes as of April 22, 2024.  The entry fee is $50 per team.  Greens fees are not included during the pool play matches or finals for each flight.  Greens fees are included for the Semi-finals as well as the Championship and consolation matches. The maximum number of teams will be 32 (8 teams in each flight).  Registration and payment can be made at either golf shop either in-person or over the phone.  Entry deadline is Sunday, April 21 or until the field is full with 32 teams.

Pool Play – April 29-July 28
Flight Finals – July 29-August 11
Semi-Finals – August 12-August 25
Finals and Consolation Matches – August 26-September 8

Pool play matches and handicap information:
Each team will be required to play the other teams in their flight during the pool play time period.  If the tournament field is full, each team would play seven pool play matches between April 29 – July 28.   For pool play, 18-hole handicap indexes will be converted to nine hole handicaps on the 9-hole conversion chart of the course and tee being played.  There are conversion charts for the front and back nines of each course.  Players must play from the tees that they most frequently play.  Once each player’s course handicap is determined, all four players’ handicaps are reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch.  Each of the other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference.

9-Hole Match Handicap Conversion Instructions

9-Hole Course Handicap Conversion Chart
Springbrook – Men’s   –   Springbrook Women’s   –   Naperbrook Men’s   –   Naperbrook Women’s

9-Hole Match Scorecard – Springbrook Front 9   –   Springbrook Back 9

9 Hole Match Scorecard – Naperbrook Front 9   –   Naperbrook Back 9

Post season, playoffs and Championship matches:
In each flight, the two teams with the most points will advance to the playoffs.  In case of ties, the additional points for wins will determine which team advances.  If still tied, a scorecard playoff, beginning on the first hole, will determine the winner.  The post season format will be 18-hole matches consisting of six holes of four-ball, six holes of scramble and six holes of alternate shot, scored as match play.  If tied after 18 holes, a sudden death playoff will continue using the alternate shot format.  18-hole handicaps will be used for the post season.  Players will receive 1/3 of their handicap for each six-hole format.  Handicaps may need to be rounded.  Handicaps will then be reduced for the Four-Ball format.  Individual handicaps will be used for the Four-Ball match and the lowest net score of the team will be used as the team score for each hole.  Teams will receive 50% of their combined handicaps for the Scramble and Alternate-shot formats.  Team handicaps will again be reduced to one team playing at scratch and the other team playing at the adjusted difference.

Flights will be determined by the total number of teams.  The maximum number of teams will be 32.  The total number of teams will be divided into four equal flights, if possible.  Teams will be ranked one through 32 based on the team’s combined handicap indexes as of April 22, 2024.

Keep Pace Policy:
Our courses administer a Keep Pace Policy designed to allow golfers to complete 18 holes in 4:28 or less or 9 holes in 2:10 with 8 minutes at the turn. Any group that is more than 9 minutes behind the Keep Pace Policy time frame for play will be contacted by a Player’s Assistant who will help the group regain its position.  If a groups fails to keep pace they may be asked to skip a hole to regain their position on the course.  If a group is required to skip a hole, teams will halve the hole for match scoring purposes.